A blog about using blogs. Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker wrote: "Blogging Thoughts, personal publication as an online research tool". Next project is: "Intimate Confessions and Public Display". This blog works as space in which to collect ideas and tangents to this research.


Bias in the Blogosphere is an essay by an undergrad (name unknown?) for his Politics and Media class, which argues that blogs are inherently slanted towards white, middle-class, American, right-wing men. While I don't agree with his conclusion, he does have a glorious number of links and really pulls together a lot of the debate on blogs and bias and so on in the last year. Unfortunately there's no bibliography, so you have to actually read it to get the juice ;)

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One of the comments lost with the template error was a question which related to the use of the paper. Could you please ask again, and this time to my mailbox?

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Revenge of the Blog, a symposium at Yale Law School, November 22, 2002. New Haven, Connecticut.
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