A blog about using blogs. Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker wrote: "Blogging Thoughts, personal publication as an online research tool". Next project is: "Intimate Confessions and Public Display". This blog works as space in which to collect ideas and tangents to this research.


Tinka has read Jill's and mine paper Blogging Thoughts, regretting that she didn't use her blog, 6th edition, as a tool while writing. If it's any kind of consolation, dust from a distant sun has been one of the blogs both Jill and I have followed, learning about the different ways to use and explore online journals. Thanks, Tinka.
(Yes, I posted this elsewhere too.)

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Anders writes:

My suggestion is a blog with only one post visible, the last one. And links to the previous, and the next (if one exists). Links to other related posts would make it even better. As I use Tinderbox, it would be easy to redesign this blog to show what I mean. If I find two hours spare time one time soon, I will do it.

If that's what you want, Anders, sure, get it. You won't be the first to set up your blog that way. It's just not become all that popular with most bloggers, is all. And I think there are two reasons for that: The weblog or online journal is a trail not just of your surfing, but also of your thoughts and experiences. Presenting only one post is like presenting only the last thought you have been thinking, as if the rest is of no consequence. The second is: it's easier that way, and blogging isn't just for those who are able to spend two hours redesigning their site, but for bumbling fools like me, who are very happy that somebody have done that designing and programming for us, thank you very much.

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Lovely comments about our article from David Weinberger :) Peter Merholz has also mentioned us.

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